Favorite blog name suggestions:
Sleevevils and Notions: Yesterday's Fashions Today
Yesterday's Fashions Today: It's All Sleevevils and Notions
Dressmaker's Not-So-Dummy
Fabric Pile Vs. Costumer

Still looking for suggestions and feedback.
I'm thinking of starting a mostly costuming and craft blog. Any name suggestions?
I actually finished an outfit for Costume College. I seem to be at an one outfit limit currently, which I need to fix.

Crazy beading from my San Antonio trip.

" alt='crazy beading' />
Whew. The popcorn ceiling in the craft room is NOT asbestos. Proceeding with craft room renovations.

Eek, I have to set up sewing work area elsewhere and get the active project supplies moved out but still accessible.

Then move stuff out for changing side and picture windows for smaller windows and replacing the wood paneling there and insulation. Then it's replacing the flooring in two stages.

Oh lovely, I have caught a cold for my vacation. Good thing I'm not traveling this time.

Wish me luck. I have a nasty history of having my bronchial tubes go hyperactive whenever I have a cold.
Just signed up for Costume Con 36. My first Costume Con, anyone else going?

I got my limited attendance class letter for Costume College: Intro to Thermoplastics, A Pressing Matter, Don't Be Yourself: How to Pose with Character, and Shopping Safari into the LA Fabric District. I might be running into Fabric District on both Thursday and Monday.
So I'm brainstorming designs for an insect queen character. Of course, she needs a crown worthy of her status. Recommendations? Or beads for crown?
Aargh! My brother is asking my mother to buy them a house AGAIN!
So, I'm thinking of entering the FR & YWU competition this time. Insects! Visions of dragonfly wing ruffs with a supportase of ants and bumblebee ribbon corset to start.



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